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"Hands down, he’s the best speaker I've hired in many years -- and the best kept secret in the world of speaking."

- Ellen Michaels Presents

I love speaking! Each year, I present keynote talks at about 50 conferences, trade shows, and companies. I also conduct onstage interviews and frequently serve as master of ceremonies for events. (I was the emcee for the last two years’ Technical Emmy Awards, for example, and the IBM’s 2014 Pulse convention.)

Maybe the word “talk” doesn’t quite describe it. I usually finish by sitting down at the piano and performing a couple of my tech-industry song parodies (like “Don’t Cry For Me, Cupertino” and “I Got YouTube”).

David Pogue at TED Example: David's TED talk, "Simplicity Sells"
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David Pogue Speaking
David Pogue Speaking
David Pogue Speaking

Speech Topics

Here are some of the talks I've presented recently. I'm always happy to adapt them to suit the occasion. Click on a title to learn more about the talk.

See details Disruptive Tech: The Unrecognizable New World of Tech and Culture

Wearable tech, the cloud, drones, the quantified self, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, augmented reality: the tech of our world is changing faster and faster. But the fascinating part is the effect it’s having on the society and culture we once new. What will life be like when printed newspapers and printed books are niche relics? What are the ramifications of the massive services-for-privacy trade that young people, especially, seem willing to make?

In this funny, fast-paced snapshot of the new world, Yahoo Tech columnist David Pogue will bring you up to date–and help you consider what we’ll gain, what we’ll lose, and what beliefs will shift into something we’ve never seen before.

See details Science, Schmience: Why America’s Failing Science—& How We Can Turn It Around

The STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math) drive America’s economy; they fuel the country’s innovation, commerce, defense, and business.

But American test scores, graduation rates, and STEM dominance have been declining steadily for 20 years. And even though a quarter of incoming freshmen intend to major in a technical subject 75 percent of them switch majors by graduation. What’s going on? And how can we compete if we don’t fix the situation, fast?

In this fascinating, cutting-edge presentation, PBS “Nova” science host (and Yahoo Tech founder) David Pogue surveys all of the factors—financial, political, cultural, and educational—and looks at our chances for turning around America’s science future.

See details The Digital Generation Comes Of Age

For the last 20 years, computers and technology have been part of the everyday curriculum for a generation or two of digitally privileged kids — and, as they become the majority, it’s showtime.

As computer-literate children become America’s new leaders, visionaries, and designers, how will their digital upbringing affect society and culture? Tech columnist David Pogue takes a thoughtful, funny look at how the tidal wave will hit as the digital generation enters prime time: what we’ll gain, what we’ll lose, and what beliefs and approaches will shift into something we’ve never seen before.

See details Should Science Be Allowed to be Interesting? One Man's Insane Journey through a TV Career on PBS

David Pogue, non-scientist, was plucked out of obscurity to host four NOVA miniseries on PBS. The mission: to illustrate cutting-edge scientific developments as clearly and as entertainingly as possible. Fulfilling this task has involved hang gliding, landing on a nuclear carrier, handling 10-foot sharks underwater, firing an AK-47, slicing a brain in half, and pouring a $12 million gold bar–so far.

In this lavishly photographed, highly hilarious talk, Pogue will share the experience of a lifetime–and opine on the state of science, television, and humor in America.

See details Why Products Fail

In his 25 years reviewing tech products, David Pogue has seen his share of turkeys. Many were so obviously failures a kindergartener could have spotted them. Sometimes the problem is design. But more often, it’s procedural, having to do with misfires in communication, PR, marketing, or groupthink. In this entertaining talk, he’ll revisit some horrifying disasters from his journalism career—and, more importantly, pick apart how things went off the tracks.

See details David Pogue’s Tech Update 2015 (2016, 2017…)

The very simple premise here: If you want to know what of importance is going on in the world of technology, Yahoo Tech columnist David Pogue is the perfect tour guide.

This talk is constantly updated to represent what’s going on in tech right now, whether it’s the gadgets themselves, amazing free Internet services, or social-media shockwaves. But it’s not just the technology—wearable computers, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things; it’s also the effect it’s having on the society and culture we once knew.

The talk was originally designed for groups who hire David to return to their conferences each year, so they’d be sure to see fresh, funny material every time—but it turns out to be just a great standalone, highly entertaining crash course in what’s worth knowing about at the time of your event.

See details Dave’s Mobile Show-and-Tell

David Pogue reviews over 200 products a year. If anyone can identify the breakthroughs, he can.

In this lively presentation — half talk, half magic show—David will present and actually demonstrate the latest and most amazing mobile gadgets, and offer his mini-critiques of each. The assortment changes monthly, of course, but past presentations have included the cellphone that offers unlimited free calls via Wi-Fi; the memory card that beams photos instantly onto Flickr; the secret of getting Directory Assistance for free on your cellphone (rather than $2 per call from your carrier); the latest breakthroughs in speech recognition; and, of course, the coolest, latest apps.

Prepare to have your mind blown—and your credit card stressed.

See details The Power of Simplicity

Why are consumers so fed up with their computers? “Software rage” has become an epidemic, help lines are flooded, and people are flinging their machines out the window in frustration.

More often than not, the problem is the software design itself–the interface. The design of programs and Web sites grows in importance every day. Getting it right–packing a lot of features, the right way, into a small screen area–is extremely difficult, and the masters of the art are few and far between. But David Pogue, who analyzes software design each week in his Yahoo Tech column, has found some fascinating real-world examples that illustrate both clever solutions and horrifying failures. He’ll also look forward to interface design of the future–speech, animation, and other innovations–as we move into an era of both much bigger and much smaller screens.


David is a non-stop show with laughs, music (he writes and performs) and common sense advice. He wowed the crowd!

- Saga Communications

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