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Contact David Pogue.

For speaking inquiries, click here. For half-priced or autographed books, click here.

The best way to reach me is by email, but have pity– I’m drowning in it. I do read everything, and respond to as much as I can. However, I usually don’t respond to:

  • Tech-support questions. (I’m happy to clarify points I’ve made in my books, articles, or TV segments, however.)
  • “Which ____ should I buy?” questions. I’m so sorry, but I just don’t have the capacity to provide personal recommendations.
  • Feedback to my columns. To respond to something I’ve written, why not use the Comments section, so the rest of the world can see your thoughts? (I read and reply to those, too.)
  • Pitches to review products. If you don’t hear back from me, it means “thank you, but I’m going to pass for now.”
  • Email that requires me to jump through hoops to send a response. I’m referring to MailBlocks and similar services that require respondents to visit a Web page and type a code. In other words: If you don’t get my response, it’s because you’ve made it too hard!

OK, sorry about all that. Now then: Use the boxes here to send me email!